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Happiness Inside a Truck


Ice cream!  Not just any ice cream, but Blue Bell ice cream.

Happiness in a Truck

Happiness Inside a Truck

Seeing this delivery truck in Dallas brought a smile to the face of this Texan living in exile in Indiana, where Blue Bell is not available.

Cee’s B&W Challenge:  Cars, trucks, motorcycles

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Irene Tron, photographer

15 thoughts on “Happiness Inside a Truck

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        1. Irene Post author

          Ha! We have also lived in Houston and Colorado and have spent quite a bit of time in Dallas. We seem to be settled in the Midwest for now but are ready to pick up and go at anytime. 😊

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  2. roninjax

    That’s what I think of when I see an ice cream truck like Blue Bell’s. They have become one of my favorite brands. I have to resist many times though. It certainly wouldn’t be to my advantage to be loose in that truck, although it would be a great delight. 🙂


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