Unlikely Tour Guide

As I was hiking, a deer popped up from behind me.  Instead of heading back into the woods as deer usually do, this one led the way along the trail for about half a mile and didn’t seem to mind that I was there.

Trail Guide
Indiana Dunes State Park

It was only when someone came upon us from the opposite direction that it went back into the trees.  Sure enjoyed the unlikely tour guide while it stayed.

Copyright 2018 Heaven’s Sunshine
Irene Tron, photographer


7 thoughts on “Unlikely Tour Guide

  1. As a student I was a tour guide in the Cango caves in South Africa during holidays. As a guide I may may have said unlikely things, like warning the tourists that we are entering a low and slippery area and the must please be careful not to bump their heads, as the cave being a National monument we do not want them to damage it…

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