Coolest of Airplanes

In my own personal opinion,  this is one of the coolest of airplanes ever made.

Boeing - Stearman
Boeing – Stearman Biplane

Built in the 1930s and 1940s, the Stearman biplanes were used as trainers by the US Navy and the Army Air Force.  One was kept at the airport my husband first learned how to fly at, 39 years ago in Texas.  Today, there is another one being flown and maintained out of the closest airport to our home in Indiana.  It still excites me to watch it zoom overhead.

Going up in a Stearman has been on my bucket list for 39 years.  I say it is time to get it checked off, don’t you?

12 thoughts on “Coolest of Airplanes

  1. I agree! Something stately about a Stearman. I’ve been lucky enough to fly in a few, including an epic ride in the front seat of Red Baron #3 during a formation aerobatic session for a promotional photo shoot. Very much a case of being in the right place (hanging around the airport as the ramp bum I often am), at the right time (when the newspaper columnist didn’t show up)!

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