14 thoughts on “Two of a Kind

      1. When you get a chance check out my blog page. I posted last week “Living In Harmony” I have pictures on there of the one I saw…it’s not that color. Perhaps the one I saw was younger….or are these ones the young one? I don’t know too much about Sandhill Cranes at this point, but I find them very beautiful.

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        1. Ah, yes! I remember your post and beautiful pics now. 😊 I don’t know much about cranes either but I did learn one thing a couple of months ago. All the ones I had seen along the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore were a tan, sandy color. Then, one day at this same location where these two were, we saw cranes that were all gray. I thought that maybe their feathers changed colors according to the season. I was wrong all the way around. Did some research and found out that they are not the color of sand at all like in my pic. Apparently, they cover themselves with sand during the mating season as part of the preening process. Who knew? I sure didn’t. 😀

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          1. These creatures are certainly amazing. I google them and it looks like they are 7 different types, but they apparently differ more in size. Regardless they certainly are beautiful. I came across another blog yesterday where she had a video of them doing a mating dance…. pretty neat. Have a wonderful blessed day.

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    1. Extremely close. Maybe a couple of feet away. At this location, the sand hill cranes are accustomed to having people around. I have had them come right up to me and start poking my shoes. It amazes me because the sand hill cranes that nest along the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore are fairly skittish and will hide or fly away if they hear you coming.

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