7 thoughts on “Winter on the Homestead

    1. Glad you asked! I wondered that for a long time. Finally stopped at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Visitors Center and asked that exact question. The answer is quite interesting. There are a total of four homes on the grounds of the Bailly Homestead – one large, two story family home and three log cabins. Apparently, this log cabin was originally built as an attachment to the large main house for one of the Bailly sons and his family. The door that you see on the second story was the walk-thru from the log cabin to the main house. The story is that at some point there was a rift between the son and parents. In order to put some space between their differences, they separated the attachment from the main house and moved it to its current location. Still within a short walking distance from the main house but a bit of space must have helped with the family relations. 😉

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        1. I can’t either. Every time I go back to the Bailly homestead since finding out the rest of the story, I tend to walk around both houses to try to figure out how they were originally attached and then moved. 😉


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