Elegance of Art Deco

The ritzy elegance of art deco in one of Chicago’s landmarks.

Art Deco to the Core
One LaSalle Street Building – Chicago

Exquisite details throughout, from the elevator doors and beyond.

Images copyright – Irene Tron.  All rights reserved.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Ritzy
Thursday Doors

10 thoughts on “Elegance of Art Deco

  1. For many years I did work at an office in the Northwest Tower building. It had wonderful Art Deco elevator doors dating from 1929, and elevators dating that far back, too. These were among the last human operated public elevators in the city, I think. Today the building is a boutique hotel, The Robey Chicago… Haven’t been in there, but I do wonder if they’ve kept the elevator doors. (The elevators themselves were so old that repair parts had to be improvised!)

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    1. Oh, my! I just looked up the hotel and realized that I’ve not only seen it, I have a picture of it. I’ll have to stop by there next time I am in Chicago and check out the elevators. Improvised repair parts sounds a bit worrisome to me. 😳


      1. Oh, I’m sure the elevator cars are now automatic and the hoist mechanisms all new. They gutted the building when it was rehabbed. But while it was an office building, it was pretty much a commercial slum. The windows, as another example, were all original and the wood frames were a bit precarious… but nonetheless it was a very interesting place.

        I hope they kept the elevator doors though.

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          1. Not really, which is to say: not of the interesting stuff like the elevator doors or the stairwells or bathrooms (marble!). I have a few of the office where I worked and those are remarkable mostly for how dirty the windows were. At the time, I was using a film camera. Each picture made a weighable difference in my wallet, which was mostly a home for moths rather than lucre. But it wouldn’t surprise me to find photos elsewhere. Include the address “1608 N. Milwaukee” or “Northwest Tower” or “Coyote Tower” in your searches and not just using Google but photo oriented sites like Instagram or Flickr.

            The building has some history behind it.

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