Corncob Towers

A view of Chicago’s Marina City condos (also known to some as the Corncob Towers).

Marina City
Chicago’s Marina City

There are restaurants and various businesses at street level, followed by garage levels up to the 20th floor.  Above that, condos have a grand view of the Chicago skyline all the way up to the 62nd floor.

Do you think you’d enjoy city life from a Marina Tower condo?

Images copyright – Irene Tron.  All rights reserved.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Garage

7 thoughts on “Corncob Towers

    1. Agree! There seems to be lots of options in condos and price ranges. I would enjoy having the view of the city as well but my hubby would not for very long. A train ride into Chicago to stay a few days every now and then seems to work well for both of us. 😊

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    1. I can understand your sentiment. I do like some aspects of large cities and enjoy spending a few days at a time in downtown Chicago. I can see where it would be so convenient for many people who work in the area to not have to deal with the commute on a daily basis. 😊


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