8 thoughts on “Gear Up

      1. Even though I can feel the plane is at a 45 degree lift and rolling to the side, if I saw it looking like it was going to roll over like the aerobatic flyers do, I think I would pass out. I know what the pilot is doing, I trust him…I don’t want to see it. Since I don’t fly much, so I am just not very air worthy. Lol

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        1. Appreciate your response. I have been around single engine trainers to jets that fly around the world for so long that I need to remember that some photos may make people uncomfortable. Thanks for your help. 😊


            1. It is definitely not just you. 😊 You are probably right about the Wright brothers. Orville may have had a more of a clue since he lived about 36 years longer than Wilbur. I think Orville was still alive when the first turbojet was built but died right before it was actually flown.

              Hey, I am married to a professional pilot so I am surrounded by the world of aviation. 😉

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              1. That’s cool in itself. I remember in college sitting at the end of Atlanta Hartsfield airport before the expansion and watching the 747s as they seemed to barely clear the runway. You wanted to help push them into the air.

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