21 thoughts on “What is Missing?

              1. My BFF moved to live near her family after losing her husband. She moved to Ana Illinois, I’m planning on visiting her. Just have to figure it out. Doggies. I love the snow, but I wouldn’t want to have to scrap the walkways and cars, etc every morning. But, I guess you get used to it!

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                1. Never been to Anna, IL but I think it is south of us close to the Kentucky border. If that is where she lives, it must be beautiful there. It is about a 5.5 hour drive to our neck of the woods in Indiana. Hope you make it to Indiana soon. 😊

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    1. You should have definitely been there! 😀 There was not another single person there other than me. That is not unusual when I am there for sunrise but this was close to noon. I am sure there are people there now.

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