18 thoughts on “Ready and Waiting

  1. I always wanted a butterfly habitat for them to hatch, maybe someday I can do that and order the milkweed seeds to feed them. My husband use to live in Indiana years ago. A great place to live according to him.

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    1. I am learning to enjoy Indiana more each day. I am originally from Texas but have also lived in other states in between. Where in Indiana did you live?


  2. We don’t have milkweed like that here in Eastern Ky anymore. I have bee looking for some seed. I would love to see more butterflies on my little miniature farm. Love your pics. I have just started to blog. I am learning a lot.

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    1. Welcome to the world of blogging! 😊 So sad that milkweed is not growing in your area. I had never seen it (or maybe just didn’t notice) before moving to Indiana. The first year in our house, one plant started growing in our yard. I just about pulled it but I am so glad I didn’t. Since finding out its benefit to butterflies, I let it go and it has spread a bit more each year.

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