Beams of SMM – 2

The second week of Sunshine’s Macro Monday brought a variety of lovely shots of insects, a scary looking insect, and also a couple of things that I had never seen before.  Thanks so much to all who entered.  I am truly enjoying looking though all your photos so much.  If you haven’t already, look through the pics listed below.  They are so worth the time.

First post for this week came from AJ, who introduced me to beautiful Six-Spot Burnets.  Helen captured a gorgeous Common Blue damselfly.   A pink dianthus was featured by City Sonnet.  Bushboy brought out the beauty in simplicity by showing the tiny details  in the lines of a leaf.  A beautiful blue damselfly was captured by Photophile.  Then we have three beautiful winged insects on flowers captured by Kamerapromenader.    A wispy duck’s feather  was nicely captured by Cee.

Next is Lola who brought smiles and happiness through a lovely daisy shown off nicely by use of depth of field.  Eklastic found us through Cee’s listing of challenges and joined us with the  fuzziness of a bee on a summery flower.   Bernie also brought his first entry of a beautiful dragonfly that screams Halloween through its colors.  Anita found the fun of macro photography first through the scary face of a creepy insect followed by a shot of a beautiful lily.  Lastly, Xingful Mama spotted some interesting looking lichens on a maple tree.  We’ve had one more entry for this week, Robert shared two lovely macro flower captures.

IN the Details
Ogden Gardens

If I missed someone, please let me know.  Thanks again to all who took the time to enter this week.  See you on Monday, August 5 for Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 3.  Get out there and have fun!

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