Beams of SMM – 3

Here we have it!  This week’s compilation of entries to Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 3.

Who knew that rosemary blooms pretty blossoms?  I didn’t until CitySonnet introduced me to some three pretty captures of rosemary. A perfectly focused fly on a marguerite with incredible depth of field was brought by Kamerapromenader.   Bushboys World featured the intricate weave of a spider’s web on an ironbark tree.  A gorgeous gallery of butterflies were photographed by AJ.  Lola’s macro shot of a begonia showed off its colors and details magnificently.  A little bit of bokeh was highlighted by Helen with beautiful results.  A wildflower photographed by Anita had all the beauty of summer contained in one flower.  A magnificent head shot of an American Bald Eagle was brought to us by Cee. Sheree is giving macro a try for the first time on her ipad mini with some shots from Sydney’s Botanic Gardens.

Yellow Wildflower
Linton’s Enchanted Gardens

Thanks to all who participated this week.  😊  If I missed someone, please let me know.  See you on Monday, August 12 for Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 4.

6 thoughts on “Beams of SMM – 3

    1. Got it! 🤪 Thanks so much for being my proofreader, AJ. Realized that I also had missed one person completely. I was obviously distracted when I originally wrote it. Appreciate the help. 😊

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