Spider’s Tree House

When I come across a web along the trail, I instantly start looking for the spider to avoid.  I wonder if I thought of it by a different name, would it change my feeling of trepidation?  A spider’s tree house sounds a bit less threatening and more like fun, don’t you think?

Tree House
Charlotte’s Web in Butterfly Meadows

Ragtag Daily Prompt – Web

18 thoughts on “Spider’s Tree House

  1. J > As a child I had a visceral fear of spiders and their webs, and unfortunately my response to encounters is still deeply ingrained : however, as long as I don’t inadvertently walk into a web, I can manage a more level-headed, rational, intelligent response – of wonder at their amazing capabilities.

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    1. Good rule to have. You know, you’re right. I don’t remember seeing rose bushes along this trail but it sure does look like that is what it is. Might be my excuse to go back and see. 😉

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