Beams of SMM – 7

Here’s a list of all the entries:

Cath at Home – Brick Red or Red Brick
Kamerapromenader – Macro Monday
CitySonnet – Flowers
Ouch! My Back Hurts – Macro Moth Movie
My Back Yard – Noise
bushboys world – Getting Close with Bees
Photography OCD – The Last Samurai
Peace of Life Today – Well, Hello There
Xingful Mama – A Jewel in the Holly
Photo Roberts Blog – Sunshine’s Macro Monday 7
View from the Back – Sunshine’s Macro Monday 7
Simply Beautiful – Summer Bloom
Cee’e Photo Challenges – SMM 7 Delphinium
Queennandini – Sunshine’s Macro Monday 7
50 First Dates with Myself – Delicious Baby Feet

Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise

Thanks to all who participated this week.  If I missed someone, please let me know.  See you on Monday, September 9 for Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 8.  Feel free to title your post any way you want but please mention “Sunshine’s Macro Monday” somewhere on your post.

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