Uh, Oh!

After spending a week in Texas, we just got back home yesterday. Came back with lots and lots of new pics on my memory cards but I cannot post a single one yet. After turning all electronics back on, we realized that our fairly old router had died. It lived a long life and refused to work properly, no matter what we tried. Until a new router is purchased and installed, I won’t be posting much for a couple of days. Since I was expecting to be back into my normal routine yesterday, all my scheduled posts ran out on Sunday night.

So thankful for Starbucks! Located a short distance from home, I can easily walk there and borrow their WiFi for a short time each day. Wonder if they’d mind if I moved my entire office setup to a corner of their place of business? 😁

Anyway, thanks to all who participated in Sunshine’s Macro Monday yesterday. I think I was able to see all the wonderful entries while here at Starbucks. If I missed one, my apologies. I will get to it as soon as possible.

Have a great couple of days blogging and see y’all soon!

17 thoughts on “Uh, Oh!

    1. Exactly! I tried to tell my hubby that it was a hassle going to Starbucks twice yesterday and he just laughed. He knows me too well and realizes it is a great excuse for me to double up on my Starbucks habit. 😂

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    1. Starbucks is on the expensive side. I am a tea drinker and being originally from Texas, good brewed ice tea is of utmost importance. 😊 Starbucks is the only place that I can depend on to get decent tea in our area of Indiana. I sit, work, and enjoy my tea slowly. Refills are free so I make sure I get my refill as I head for home. Having an excuse to come back for a second round on the same day is not all bad. 😉

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  1. zi can sympathize Irene. Not long ago our phone line went out and remained silent for 7 days. My wife has a hair salon in the home and my job is computer based so we were heavily affected. It is for this reason more and more of my regular posts are scheduled. When our internet is out I relocate temporarily to the local hospital cafeteria 1.5 miles away!


    1. A lot of my posts are scheduled in advance as well. I had most of the past week scheduled before I left to Texas and didn’t feel a need to go past yesterday morning. Other than WP and the little time I spend on FB,, it does not really affect me that much. If I worked from home as you do, it would really be frustrating.

      Walking to Starbucks for round 2 of internet time is not all bad at all. 😊


    1. So true! Amazes me how dependent we have become on technology. Don’t even think about it until I don’t have access to it. It is hilarious how many times I’ve sat at my desk to get some work done, (as in check emails, check on WP, etc) and then realize that I cannot. 😂

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