End of a Generation

Allow me to introduce you to a very important person in my life – my mom.

Last of a Generation

This photo was taken on her wedding day, over 75 years ago.  The second oldest of 11 siblings, my mom died last night at the age of 100 years and 15 days.  It is the end of a generation since she was the last of her family to survive.

77 thoughts on “End of a Generation

    1. Thank you, Doris. We miss my mom but she had a long and mostly good life. The last couple of weeks of her life had been hard on her and she was ready. It helps to remember that.


    1. Thank you, Lynette. Not many people get to see an entire century during their lifetime. My mom’s mom also lived to just one month short of her 100th birthday. I guess there’s hope for me with genes like that. 😊

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  1. My sincere condolences, Irene. The photo you posted is an extraordinarily beautiful memory. Having lost my mom under a similar circumstance almost exactly a year ago, I know that while it reflects the blessings of a full life, there is still that loss of connection with some part of our own pasts. I send good wishes to you and to your family.

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