Beams of Sunshine #12


First compilation of entries from the new site for Sunshine’s Macro Monday.  Take a look at all the amazing photos.  This weeks Sunshine’s Macro Monday goes live at midnight tonight right here.  Come back anytime tomorrow or the rest of the week and post one or more macro shots.  See ya!

Zebra’s Child – Filling the Frame #1
Anita’s Images – Macro Monday
Ouch!  My Back Hurts – Another American Beauty
Peace of Life Today – Fruit Deliciousness
City Sonnet – Geranium
Little Pieces of Me – Monday Macro
Kamerapromenader – Bee in the Middle
Cee’s Photo Challenges – Dahlia and Bee
norasphotos4u – Sunshine’s Macro Monday
Heaven’s Sunshines – Eye of an Owl
Photography OCD – The Medium is the Message
View From the Back – Sunshine’s Macro Monday 12
bushboys world – A King Parrot

Last of the Season
Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens


Enjoyed every single entry this week.  Please let me know if I missed anyone.

©Irene Tron. All rights reserved. All photos are my own.

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