Sunshine’s Reflections


New Challenge – Sunshine’s Reflections

Most of my followers probably realize that I love macro photography and host Sunshine’s Macro Monday.  Over the last few months, I have realized that I also enjoy photographing reflections almost as much as macros (especially when it combines both macros and reflections, as in raindrops).  For that reason, I have decided to host another weekly photography challenge starting this coming Thursday, April 23 – Sunshine’s Reflections.

With the right light, reflections can be found in windows, raindrops, bodies of water, eyes, and so much more. Bet you even have some already in your files of photos.  Consider joining in for this week long challenge of Sunshine’s Reflections.  Here are some pics of reflections that I’ve used on previous posts that may give you some ideas.

Marble Raindrops

Parallel Worlds

Raindrop Reflections

The Hour of Silence

Icy Reflections

Now, get out and have fun capturing some reflections. Then, come back and share them here each week, starting this coming Thursday, April 23 on Sunshine’s Reflections.


©Irene Tron  All rights reserved.  All photos are my own.

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