Circles to Lines

Connection, from circles to lines.

Art in Glass
Frederik Meijer Gardens

Art in Glass

Lines upon Lines
Garfield Conservatory – Chicago

Many lines, one spine on a banana tree leaf.

Circles in the Air
Frederik Meijer Sculpture Garden

Multi-colored Rings – Stuart Padnos, artist

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Photo Adventure – Connection

In Miniature

Just for Fun

Thorne Miniature Room E-11
Thorne Miniature Rooms – English Entrance Hall

One of 69 rooms of the Thorne miniature collection at the Chicago Art Institute – English Entrance Hall.

Images copyright – Irene Tron.  All rights reserved.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Stairs or Steps

Overlooked Art

I wonder how many people walk through Chicago’s Cultural Center on a daily basis and don’t even notice the beautiful mosaic tile beneath their feet.

Art in Mosaic
Chicago’s Cultural Center

The overlooked art of mosaic tile on the floor of Chicago’s landmark is often missed as people look for the Tiffany Dome overhead.

Tiffany Dome
Tiffany Dome – Chicago’s Cultural Center

Images copyright – Irene Tron.  All rights reserved.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Floor
Colors & Letters – Start w/letter M (mosaic)


In Miniature

Two of 68 Thorne rooms in miniature – libraries with fireplaces.

English Library - Queen Anne
English Library in Miniature

First, an English library from the Queen Anne era.

French Library - Louis XV
French Library in Miniature

Followed by the French period of Louis XV.   The Thorne miniatures can be seen at the Chicago Art Institute.

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Photo a Day – fireplace