Early Spring

In the garden in early spring,

Spring Bud
Ogden Gardens

Brings forth buds in the trees

Bursting Forth
Ogden Gardens

To beautiful blossoms

Ogden Gardens
Ogden Gardens

Green pine needles found year round

Lone Daffodil
Ogden Gardens

On the ground daffodils, of course.

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Weekly Photo Challenge:  In the Garden
Flower of the Day

Back in Time

Seeing pomegranates hanging from a tree while walking through the garden, immediately took me back in time.

Sweetness of a Pomegranate
Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Back in time to the house I lived in from the age of 5 to about 12.  One of my most vivid memories is that of a pomegranate tree that grew in the back yard.   Every year, it would be filled with fruit and every day I would be out there picking the ripest, juiciest, sweetest pomegranate I could find.  Even the dozens of bees that were always buzzing around could not keep me away.

Since the day we moved away to the house my mom still lives in today, I have not had another pomegranate.  The ones at the grocery store just never look as good or smell as sweet.  To once again see one still hanging on a tree seemed like absolute perfection.

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