Take a Closer Look

When a walk along a familiar trail seems insipid or boring,

Morning Along the Trail
Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve

slow down and take a closer look.  A whole lot closer!

Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve
Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve

Catch the tiny details you may have been missing,

Grassy Dewdrops
Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve

such as the tiniest bit of dew drops hanging on the edge of flowers and tall grass.

Ragtag Daily Prompt – Insipid
Flower of the Day
Jo’s Monday Walk

Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 5

Hello everybody!  Decided to post this week’s Sunshine’s Macro Monday a couple of hours before my actual Monday starts to accommodate people who live on the other side of the world from me.

My capture for this week is a plumeria that is about to burst open.  Can’t wait to see what you are bringing today.  FYI – I have my comments set up to approve before they show up.  I do sleep sometimes, so please be patient with me if I don’t get to your link immediately.

Pinwheel Plumeria
Garfield Conservatory

Anyone is welcome to join in with one or more macro or close-up shots each week.  Create a pingback or add a link in the comment section below.  Tag your post with SMM to make search results a bit simpler.  Find all details about this challenge here.

Here is last week’s Sunshine’s Macro Monday just in case you missed it.