Catapult to the Air

Is this an airstrip or a prairie?

Airfield or Prairie
Huffman Prairie Flying Field

It is a prairie that was an airstrip with much history behind it. This location in Dayton, Ohio was used by Orville and Wilber Wright as an airstrip while they worked on improvements of their flyer and also their own flying skills.  Below is a replica of their hangar that is pretty much identical to actual photos taken around 1904 – 1905 during their more than 100 flights.

Wright Bros. Hangar
Wright Bros. Hangar at Huffman Prairie Flying Field

The catapult pictured below, was used to help the aircraft pick up speed quickly for takeoff.  It was literally, a catapult to the air.

Catapult to the Air
Huffman Prairie Flying Field

Aviation has come a long way since 1904, hasn’t it?

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