Wings Outstretched

On an island of tall grass, stand a pair of sandhill cranes with wings outstretched and the sun shining on their backs.

Two of a Kind
Indiana Dunes National Park

If you look closely to the left of center, there is an eye of a baby crane.  Hard to see, but it is there.

Ragtag Daily Prompt – Island
Photo a Day – Shine

I Am a Stalker

It is time to come clean.  Are you ready for this?

On a daily basis, I am a stalker.

I watch

I wait

I click

The Chipmunk
Kensington Metropark

From small creatures like a chipmunk to larger sandhill cranes.

Watching You
Kensington Metropark

On very rare occasions, I may actually even capture a human!

Kensington Metropark

Not sure this one counts as stalking, though.  This is my daughter and she knew I was clicking my shutter all along the trail.

There, I’ve said it!  I am a photographer.  The world is my playground and I stalk my subjects.  All this is done for the fun of WordPress challenges like today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt – Stalk, and Sunday Stills – Playground

They Are Back

Yippee!  They are back.

HIding in the Tall Grass
Indiana Dunes National Park

The sandhill cranes have migrated back to the wetlands.

Images copyright – Irene Tron.  All rights reserved.

Photo a Day – Birds

Three in One

Happiness!  Three sightings of sandhill cranes on one hike.

Wa;lking Along the Trail
Kensington Metropark

Leisurely walking along the trail . . .

Kensington Metropark

Trying to hide, but not very successful at it . . .

Between the Lines
Kensington Metropark

And the last one, getting a nibble in all sorts of places.

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Irene Tron, photographer

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