Through the Seasons

Being outdoors and seeing the change through the seasons brings me joy.

Indiana Dunes National Park Trails

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Spring Brings . . .

Spring brings beauty through the blooming of lilies,

Garfield Conservatory

Warmth of sunshine and blue skies,

Windy Spring Day
Portage Lakefront & Riverwalk

Sun shining through the leaves of palm trees

Lines upon Lines
Garfield Conservatory

Singing of bluebirds and blue skies

Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve
Indiana Dunes National Park

And the fiery colors of flowers.

Painted Tongue Flower
Garfield Conservatory

Images copyright – Irene Tron.  All rights reserved.

Changing Seasons – March 2019

From Season to Season

As I look forward to the seasonal changes, I find myself reminiscing through the beauty along the trails.

Path Home
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

From fall to winter

Winter on the Trail
Chellberg Farm – Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

and then, spring.

Path of Green
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Ah!  The joy of hiking along familiar trails from season to season.

Copyright 2018 Heaven’s Sunshine
Irene Tron, photographer

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