Overlooked Art

I wonder how many people walk through Chicago’s Cultural Center on a daily basis and don’t even notice the beautiful mosaic tile beneath their feet.

Art in Mosaic
Chicago’s Cultural Center

The overlooked art of mosaic tile on the floor of Chicago’s landmark is often missed as people look for the Tiffany Dome overhead.

Tiffany Dome
Tiffany Dome – Chicago’s Cultural Center

Images copyright – Irene Tron.  All rights reserved.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Floor
Colors & Letters – Start w/letter M (mosaic)



For a Little While

Clouds subdue the sunshine.  Colder temperatures repress the colors of the landscape.  Both happen for a little while but before long . . . .

For a Little While
Plains of Laramie, Wyoming

The sun will shine brightly.  The sky will be blue instead of gray and wildflowers will once again cover the landscape.  For now, enjoy the comfort and warmth from a bowl of hot soup and throw a snowball every now and then.

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Irene Tron, photographer

FOWC – Repress
Tuesday Photo Challenge – Comfort